Pat Condell on Why He Supports Israel

Some people hate Pat Condell. Others, sit there and smile as he speaks. “All anyone needs to know about the Middle East conflict is that the Jews want peace, and the Arabs don’t.” Really, he said that! Watch this video and you’ll hear the rest!

Painting the Bible…One Week at a Time

Tragically, the arson attack on Beit Meir resulted in the loss of over 2,000 works of art over a span of 40 years. How do you cope with such a devastating blow? Yoram and Meira Raanan found one way. While the paintings were forever lost, we are all blessed that photos of many of the paintings remain.

Why Have We Never Defeated the Palestinians

Like most Israelis, I have dear friends living very close to the Gaza border. Some have, yet again, been forced to spend nights in bomb shelters with their children; others don’t have a shelter in their apartments and so rush to safety at the sound of a siren. We have …

Anti-Semitism of the BBC

Perhaps it is time to properly identify the very essence of the problem – both in terms of the Middle East AND in terms of BBC’s so-called reporting.
It’s time to call BBC’s reporting what it is – anti-Semitism.

The Time Has Come for War

It is always time for peace, but when do you know when it is time for war? That is the question Israel has been facing for the last few months. And, it would seem, tonight we have the answer. We could have been friends. Gaza and Israel. Neighbors certainly. When …

Israel Under Fire – Bombs on Cities

Tonight, Israel was bombed moments ago and moments after that. Seconds ago, and seconds before that. In each case, they are targeting civilians, cities, people. Are missiles bombs? No, I don’t know in the technical sense, but in the human sense, they explode and terrify. The destruction and terror caused …

What Women are Allowed to Do in Israel

Sadly, women are raised differently from men all the world over. From a very young age, most girls are not given the same rights, the same freedom as their young counterparts. No country is perfect when it comes to how women are treated. Not a one. Somewhere, somehow, there is …