About Aliyah

There are a million and one things to say about Aliyah, each with its seemingly-almost-equal corresponding contradictory points. Aliyah means Jews “ascending” and returning to their homeland, the Land of Israel, based on God’s promises uttered and documented in His Book to us again and again, via our Patriarchs and …

Jesus in the Children

In a world where children are starving, dying of curable diseases, living in regions without potable water, and subject to man’s cruelty, the Pope should consider his words carefully.

Guide to Israeli Banking

Smarter Israeli Banking by Rifka Lebowitz is a wonderful gift for any newcomer to Israel… and to anyone who is new to handling his/her banking and finances, whether young adults or the recently widowed or divorced.

The Uranium One scandal and the implications for Israel.

Under the George W. Bush presidency, a tough line was taken against the Russian incursion into Georgia and Russian pressure on the Ukraine. Bush laid plans to create a missile-defense shield in Europe. When Barack Obama became president, he and Hillary Clinton decided to reset relationships with the Kremlin. At …