Bring them Home – Aliya NOW!

… despite yeshiva or Hebrew school educations, 20th and 21st century Jews chose to remain in communities outside Israel. Though they studied Torah and celebrated the end of Pesakh seder with the call to return to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, they hadn’t lived up to the words that they mouthed.

War on Religion in Maale Adumim

Wars are waged for many reasons. Sometimes for power and money. Often hatred or religion are at the core. And sometimes, as is often the case in the Middle East, it could be hatred OF religion. Ultimately, war is a harsh word and should be used with caution. Not every …

Danger in the Air for American Jewry?

It’s been so long since I’ve been to the States – over 20 years. I was never one of those fly-there-every-summer types – even before my mother and father (z”l) moved here almost 18 years ago. It’s been so long, I can’t tell you if the feeling Jews have in …

Trying to Be Normal

First written after a terror attack in Israel in December, 2002, this article was reprinted in 2012 and is posted again now after the Sri Lanka attacks on Easter day. It is an article about the human need to find normal. And it’s about how no matter how bad the …

A Picture of What Will Never Be Mine

An isolated space such as this would seem ideal. Pristine. Deserted. Peaceful. Green and filled with growth. But as I painted it, my mind shifted to a second set of descriptive words. Private. Alone. Solitary. And in this post, I explain why all of that is the polar opposite of Israel.

Time to Speak Out

Indeed it is time to speak out. While I regularly post on Facebook, I have not written a blog post in (literally) months. It is not for lack of desire. The problem has been that with so much going on, there was too much (is too much) to write about, …

The False Prophets of Judaism

Ultimately, the hardest battles are not those we fight against our enemies – they never have been. Without question, the hardest ones we fight are often against those who mean the most to you and more, have good intentions. But if wrongs are being committed to make something right, it’s time to review and question whether in your dedication and desperation, that turn you took down the road leads you afar from the truth.