Why are you silent?

Last night, a missile was fired…again…at Israel. Three years ago, the parents of murdered Daniel Turgeman asked the UN Secretary General, “Why are you silent?” Why? Why are you silent when a city of 130,000 people is bombed? When people live in fear waiting for the siren?

Stepping Closer to the Edge

Live, Israel – it is and always has been, the only answer. No matter how close we step to the edge, the army and God above us remain our guardians. For now, we wait on the edge hoping that this time we will be able to back away rather than descend into yet another war.

Why I agreed to speak at the Jordan Option Conference

A few months ago, Palestinian Jordanian dissident Mudar Zahran invited me to speak at the Jordan Option Conference in Jerusalem.  He asked me to take part in this conference at a time when King Abdullah of Jordan was increasingly inciting violence against Israel, thus greatly contributing towards tension in the …

The Three State Solution

The two state solution, the most favored of all solutions, the one the USA and Europe and all Knesset members seem in one form or another favor, is today’s solution to bring “peace in our times”.    Has anyone heard of the three state solution? The world is very upset …