A World Devoid of … of Everything

There are moments when a word can truly describe the world. Today is one of them. Hours ago, I heard that the United Nations had, yet again, voted to condemn Israel. As I listened to the vote tallies, a single word came to mind, “devoid”. That’s it. The world is …

Barghouti Style Hunger Strike? Here We Go Again

The Palestinians are in trouble. They know it; and so does the world. The latest – a Barghouti style hunger strike has been declared next week. The world is supposed to scream at Israel because it has driven the Palestinians to the desperate move of declaring a hunger strike. In …

Who loves the land of Israel most?

Do you love your country, your land? There is a parable told about King Solomon, who is remembered as an exceptionally wise man. Two women came to him, both claiming to be the mother of the infant they brought with them. The king listened to each woman and then instructed …

Time to Change the Rules of Engagement

Approaching our borders means you want to kill us. Our laws, the Torah, the Ten Commandments, all that Judaism and Christianity are based on, demands that we protect ourselves. That we kill in order to stop them from murdering us.

Change the rules of engagement now.

Why are you silent?

Last night, a missile was fired…again…at Israel. Three years ago, the parents of murdered Daniel Turgeman asked the UN Secretary General, “Why are you silent?” Why? Why are you silent when a city of 130,000 people is bombed? When people live in fear waiting for the siren?

Stepping Closer to the Edge

Live, Israel – it is and always has been, the only answer. No matter how close we step to the edge, the army and God above us remain our guardians. For now, we wait on the edge hoping that this time we will be able to back away rather than descend into yet another war.