Stepping Closer to the Edge

Live, Israel – it is and always has been, the only answer. No matter how close we step to the edge, the army and God above us remain our guardians. For now, we wait on the edge hoping that this time we will be able to back away rather than descend into yet another war.

What Not to Teach Children

FURTHER UPDATE:  (10:15am November 16, 2017) I have posted a follow up to the original post that can be seen here.   UPDATE: (8:00am,November 16, 2017) Before posting this blogpost, attempts were made to contact the author/editor. After no replies were received, I the wrote this piece. I have since …

A Magical Shabbat in Hevron

For years, I have watched as thousands have flocked to Hevron for Parashat Chaye Sara. Each year, I say I am going to join them and each year something comes up that prevents that from happening…until this year! There is so much to share and to tell that it makes …

Reflections on the Birth of a Grandchild

When you have a child, the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Amid the physical issues of labor, exhaustion, learning the child and so much more, is the awesome responsibility of the first few days. You will be making a decision that will effect that child’s life, every …

Do you recognize this man?

Do you recognize this man? In this life, his name, Jeff Halper, is as meaningless as the dust of the earth. When we first came back to this land after being slaves in Egypt thousands of years ago, you were one of the spies who lied about the land. You were there in the concentration camps, betraying our people and shoveling their bodies into the gas chambers.