Lebanon and the Danger of War and Hatred

There is a danger, being at war for so terribly long. If, as the Palestinians have done in the past, they choose to destroy that we would give, it does not negate our good deed. It would only emphasize their stupidity, their hatred. But never mind. I am hopeful, the Lebanese will take our assistance – they need it.

Doing Something Crazy is Sometimes Sane

Long after I’m gone, ad 120, they’ll remember last night. Or maybe, if I’m blessed enough to do this again and again, maybe they’ll just remember how sometimes when you do the most insane crazy thing in the world, it feels like it was the sanest of all decisions.

Kristallnacht Birthday

Yearly, as my birthday approaches, so does the weight of the day. It isn’t an easy birthday to have and sometimes it’s overwhelming to be told that you are your parents’ “answer to Hitler.”  For us, each day, each hour, each breath, each story, shouts our triumph.

The Last Soldier Returns Home

Months ago, the youngest soldier in our family told me he was going to go abroad for the summer. He would work in a camp do some traveling and then come home before the New Year (Rosh Hashana). Regularly, we spoke on the phone but all I really wanted to …

Benny Kashriel Demands an Apology from the Children

UPDATE ON DAY 24: I have heard that the Mayor of Maale Adumim wants an apology from the children, the parents and those who are demanding that he fulfill the requirements of the Ministry of Education to provide a legally recognized school to over 100 children who remain, more than …

Danger in the Air for American Jewry?

It’s been so long since I’ve been to the States – over 20 years. I was never one of those fly-there-every-summer types – even before my mother and father (z”l) moved here almost 18 years ago. It’s been so long, I can’t tell you if the feeling Jews have in …