Bending the News – BBC and CNN

.I noticed the wording of a report that appeared on CNN and the BBC last evening. It was a news article about a teen boy from Gaza who died of his wounds — and what a good boy he was according to his father, and how he was unarmed and …

Guest Blog Post: Stop Looking to the World

A lot of my beautiful friends are decrying the world for not condemning Hamas for attacking Israeli civilian centers on the border. They’re like “it’s so horrible that the world has nothing to say when synagogues and Israeli playgrounds are hit with rockets, but they’ll be all upset when Israel retaliates!”. …

Counting the rockets – Don’t apologize for Israel

Guest Post by Dave Bender How many incoming alerts, mortar shells, and possibly larger rockets were intentionally fired towards Israeli civilians, towns, villages, and farms so far, today alone? Counting just today? This many. And the evening is still young… When the caterwauling begins about “disproportionate response,” remember that Every. Single. …

Offering Some Perspective: Morality, Facts and a Bit of History

The hypocrisy we are witnessing today from the press, the global community, and worst of all, from in-house, is confusing and infuriating. My conclusion when nothing adds up? Someone else is running the show and pulling the strings, because with the flawed logic and lack of a moral compass that humanity is displaying today, it sure is not us running the show.

IDF Officer on the Front Lines – Truth Behind the Gaza “Slaughter”

I’m writing because I am one of the few who was there – in uniform, in the reserves, but I was there. Yes, right there on the fence where the demonstrations are happening. It was last Friday – but I saw it with my own eyes; I was on our side but I could see and hear and understand everything. I want to testify from my firsthand knowledge, not a theoretical point of view. Because I was there.

The Paper for “Thinking People”

Guest Blogger:  Yisrael Medad Haaretz, the left-leaning, sorry, make that tumbling over, newspaper founded in 1919 is notorious for blatantly biased coverage of traditional Judaism, normative Zionism and anything that does not promote an extreme progressive, humanitarian and liberal outlook. Here are CAMERA’s examples of what they found wrong in …

Natalie Portman and the Concept of Marit Ayin

The bottom line is, Portman can justify her refusal to come to Israel (but keep the money from the award. Ya know, so her hypocrisy is to the max!) by saying she doesn’t want to support Bibi or any other ridiculous reason. At the end of the day, she is giving the declared enemies of the Jewish state more ammunition to target and attack us.